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The Wines of France

Petrus Grand Vin 1994 Bordeaux / Pomerol $18,675.00
Reputed to be the world’s greatest wine. Intense, lusciously fruity, complex, smooth, sublime.

Chateau Cheval Blanc – 1er Grand Cru Classe’
1988 Bordeaux / Saint Emilion $ 6,250.00
A great wine with spicy rich flavors, flawless balance, great harmony and stunning finesse.

Chateau Haut Brion 1988 Bordeaux / Graves $ 5,400.00

Chateau Haut Brion 1997 $ 4,200.00
Glorious in nature with stunning depth and velvety layers of flavor, with hints of chocolate and violets.

Chateau Ausone – Premier Grand Cru Classe 1988 Bordeaux / St Emilion $ 5,450.00

Chateau Ausone – Premier Grand Cru Classe 1997 $ 4,250.00
Stunning wine with opulent aromas, a compact structure, and scintillating flavors of spicy cassis fruit with creamy oak overtones.

Chateau Margaux - 1er Cru Classe 1997 Bordeaux / Margaux $ 4,100.00
Reputedly the worlds most famous wine. Rich, elegant, soft, velvety, smoky, creamy, stunning finesse, perfection.

Chateau Latour - 1er Cru Classe 1993 Bordeaux / Pauillac $ 3,495.00
Inky black in color with immense structure & depth. Huge concentrations of flavor with great finesse and elegance.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild – 1er Cru Classe 1997 Bordeaux / Pauillac $ 3,750.00

A famous wine with an equally famous pedigree for excellence and class. Rich fruit flavors with hints of herbs and spice.

Chateau Cos D’Estournel – 2eme Cru Classe 1988 Bordeaux / St-Estephe – Medoc $ 3,450.00
The best of St Estephe. Full bodied, rich and flavorsome with lots of silky fruit flavors, exceptional structure and finesse.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild – 1er Cru Classe 1997 Bordeaux / Pauillac $ 3,250.00
Deliciously rich with spicy fruit, a creamy aroma, and ripe tannins. A wine with incomparable poise and grace

Chateau Palmer - 3eme Cru Classe 1995 Bordeaux / Margaux $ 1,915.00
Known as the jewel of the Medoc. Exceedingly rich and elegant, with creamy, spicy, cedar wood & vanilla flavours.

Le Petit Mouton de Rothschild 1994 Bordeaux / Pauillac $ 2,000.00

Le Petit Mouton de Rothschild 2001 $ 1,600.00
A world class wine. Firm in character, dark in colour, Rich complex flavors of ripe black-currants & autumn berries.

Chateau Figeac – Premier Grand Cru Classe’ 1999 Bordeaux / Saint Emilion $ 1,650.00
Exceptional wine with a superb balance of rich creamy ripe fruit flavors with great finesse and a wonderful spicy complexity

Pavillion Rouge De Chateau Margaux
1998 Bordeaux / Margaux $ 1,450.00

Pavillion Rouge De Chateau Margaux
1999 $ 1,250.00

Pavillion Rouge De Chateau Margaux
2000 $ 1,150.00

Pavillion Rouge De Chateau Margaux
2001 $ 1,100.00
Stunning perfume with complex layers of rich fruit tinged with smoky oak. Elegant, with a velvet smooth finish.

Chateau Gruaud Larose - Grand Cru Classe 1999 Bordeaux / St Julien $ 1,200.00

Chateau Gruaud Larose - Grand Cru Classe 2001 $ 1,050.00
Great wine with excellent structure and depth. Full bodied with loads of plummy fruit and hints of blackcurrants & spice

Chateau Talbot – 4eme Cru Classe 1997 Bordeaux / St Julien $ 1175.00

Chateau Talbot – 4eme Cru Classe 1999 $ 1100.00

Chateau Talbot – 4eme Cru Classe 2001 $ 950.00
Medium bodied & elegant with a graceful nature. Lots of fruit layers with hints of ripe oak and considerable finesse.

Chateau Beychevelle 4eme Cru Classe’ 2000 Bordeaux / St Julien $ 1150.00
Medium to full bodied. Superbly balanced with ripe fruit flavors and elegant oaky overtones.

Chateau Chasse-Spleen 1997 Bordeaux / Moulis en Medoc $ 800.00

Chateau Chasse-Spleen 2001 $ 700.00
Luxurious full bodied wine, with creamy rich flavors of cassis and chocolate with spicy vanilla overtones.

Chateau Poujeaux 2000 Bordeaux / Moulis $ 750.00
Full bodied with an ebullient bouquet, and rich creamy fruit flavors. Racy in nature with a classy character.

La Dame de Montrose 1995 Bordeaux / St-Estephe – Medoc $ 662.50
Full bodied, rich & flavorsome with silky layers of fruit and lots of elegance.

Chateau Lascombes Margaux Grand Cru Classe’
1993 Bordeaux / Margaux $ 650.00
Medium bodied. Rich & silky smooth. Concentrated ripe fruit flavors and a lovely cedar-wood complexity.

Chateau Le Grand Puy Lacoste Grand Cru 1994 Bordeaux / Pauillac $ 625.00
Superb bouquet of vanilla & spice. Deep in color with lots of elegant fruit flavors. Good length with great finesse.

Clos de la Vieille Eglisi 1998 Bordeaux / Pomerol $ 527.50
Medium bodied attractive wine with elegant spicy Merlot fruit, good structure and a violet cabernet perfume.

Chateau de Pez 1996 Bordeaux / Medoc $ 425.00
Medium bodied. Finely balanced fruit flavors. Great character & structure with cedar overtones and a hint of vanilla.

Chateau Vieux-Guinot Grand Cru 2000 Bordeaux / Saint Emilion $ 335.00
Medium bodied. Elegant, with an exceptional depth of rich fruit & berry flavors, and a long smooth finish.

Chateau Orme Brun – Grand Cru 2001 Bordeaux / Saint Emilion $ 315.00
Medium bodied smooth drinking wine with nice layers of fruit, a classy character and long smooth finish.

Baronne Nadine De Rothschild Ch Malmaison
1999 Bordeaux / Moulis $ 302.50

Classy, medium bodied, packed with summer fruit flavors & aromas, raspberries, wild cherries with a hint of oak.

Corton Grand Cru - Jaffelin 1997 Burgundy / Cote d Or $ 1075.00
Medium bodied, with exquisite structure & balance. Rich summer fruit flavors with a hint of toffee. Exceptional.

Nuits Saint Georges - Jaffelin 1999 Burgundy / Cote d Or $ 697.50
Full bodied. Luxurious character. Rich, spicy bouquet gives way to well structured fruit flavors with a hint of vanilla.

Gevrey Chambertin - Louis Latour 2000 Burgundy / Cote de Nuits $ 495.00
A great vintage. Rich, sophisticated, with excellent structure and a silky texture. Lots of autumn fruit flavors with a heavenly perfume.

Morgon – Les Charmes – Louis Latour
2003 Burgundy / Cote d Or $ 235.00
Fresh, floral & fragrant in style with good balance, not to much tannin, and an excellent depth of ripe fruit flavors.

Brouilly – Louis Jadot – Domaine du Monnet 2002 Burgundy / Cote d Brouilly $ 225.00
Full bodied and rich with lots of fruit. Smooth drinking with a long finish, and slightly earthy character.

Cote Rotie – Guigal 1999 Northern Rhone $ 612.50
Fragrant, full bodied and elegant with excellent structure and complexity, and hints of violets, plums and spices.

Chateau Neuf Du Pape “la fiole du pape” Cru NV Southern Rhone $ 297.50
Full bodied with excellent depth and concentration of fruit. Congenial & warm in nature with great complexity.

Cotes Du Rhone AOC – Guigal 2001 Rhone Valley $ 226.50
Medium to full bodied. Balanced and fruity with a gentle warmth. Pungent flavors of ripe plums and apricots.

The Wines of Italy

Barolo - Vigneto Boscareto – Batasiolo 1997 Piedmont $ 478.50
Robust, ripe and creamy with hints of vanilla, tobacco and oak. Great complexity, depth and structure.

Brunello Di Montalcino – Castello BANFI 2000 Toscana $ 475.50
Full bodied with rich flavors of blackcurrant, blackberry and black-cherry fruit with a hint of spice, licorice & a sensual oaky mellowness.

Planeta – Merlot 2002 Sicilia $ 397.50
Exceptional boutique wine from Sicily. Elegant, with excellent structure, layers of soft fruit, with hints of spice and mint.

Ducale – Chianti Classico Riserva – Ruffino 2000 Toscana $ 370.00
Elegant, Medium to full bodied smooth drinking wine, with a youthful character & flavors of autumn berries and spice.

Barbaresco – Batasiolo 2000 Piedmont $ 327.50
Feminine and elegant with warm summer fruit flavors and boundless charm. Robust, but not as heavy as Barolo.

Rosso Di Montalcino – Casanova di Neri 2000 Tuscany $ 325.00
Medium bodied, youthful and elegant in character with excellent structure and smoky, spicy, plumy fruit flavors

Valpolicella “Ripasso” – Tommasi 2003 Veneto $ 272.50
Medium bodied with an elegant structure and lots of juicy cherry fruit flavours.

Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia - Cecchi 2002 Toscana $ 280.00
A medium to full bodied smooth drinking wine, with an opulent youthful character & flavors of autumn berries and spice.

Fantinel Cabernet Sauvignon Cru 2001 Friuli $ 212.50
Elegant, medium bodied, smooth, well balanced and fruity, with hints of cherries, vanilla, and fresh cut hay.

Dolcetto d’Alba – Batasiolo 2003 Piedmont $ 198.00
Medium bodied. Young in style, soft & fresh in nature with lots of juicy berry and summer fruit flavors and perfumes.

Chianti - BELL’AGIO 2004 Toscana $ 165.00
Dry, medium bodied and fruity with a harmonious balance of fruit flavors and aromas. Easy to drink with a bright and fruity character.


Reserva Real – Torres 1999 Mediona $ 1,525.00
Full bodied and powerful with complex layers of fruit, excellent structure, and nuances of spice, vanilla, mellow smoky oak, leather and earth.

Rioja Reserva – Finca Valpiedra 1999 Logrono $ 315.00
Full bodied, sophisticated, well structured, with a spicy, oaky, fruity flavor that is indicative of exceptional Rioja

Rioja – Conde De Valdemar – Crianza
1999 Logrono $ 215.00
A great example of the modern style of Rioja. Lighter, and less rustic, with softer tannins, volumous layers of fruit and a smooth finish.

Gran Coronas – Torres 1999 Penedes $ 187.50
Silky & sumptuous in style with a delicate structure. Rich fruity flavors of prunes and jam with hints of green coffee beans, smoke and leather

Merlot – Atrium Las Torres Consecha – Torres
2003 Penedes $ 187.50
Wonderful complex layers of flavor with a generous perfume and hints of plums, bilberries, truffle and bay leaf.

The Wines of California

Opus One – Baron Philippe & Robert Mondavi
1999 Napa Valley $ 1,600.00

Opus One 2000 $ 1,500.00
Opus One 2001 $ 1,450.00
Bordeaux style Cabernet Merlot blend of exceptional quality, style, and finesse. Dry, with a subtle oaky, fruity structure.

Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Napa Valley $ 450.00
Full Bodied, with rich, intense black cherry & cassis fruit flavors. Great complexity and structure. One of Napa’s best.

Francis Coppola Black Label Claret – Diamond Collection
2004 California $ 250.00
Renowned Cabernet wine with a silky smooth texture. Lively aromas and flavors of wild berries, black plums, anise and mocha.

St. Frances Valley Merlot 2001 Sonoma $ 227.50
Medium bodied. Classy with smooth silky layers of berry and plum flavors and hints of spice.

Lincourt Pinot Noir 2002 Santa Barbera $ 222.50
Very well balanced with an intense fruity aroma. Good structure with rich black cherry flavors and a hint of oak.

Beringer Clear Lake Zinfandel 2002 Clear Lake $ 225.00
Medium bodied and satin smooth with intense fruit flavors and overtones of wild berries and pepper spice.

Wines of Chile

Montes Alpha M 2000 Colchagua Valley $ 702.50
Montes Alpha M 2001 $ 650.00
As good as it gets. Only 1000 cases world wide. Racy with cassis, suave smoke and chocolate tones. Bliss in a bottle.

Purple Angel – Montes 2003 Colchagua Valley $ 627.50
A rare Carmenere grape wine. Fruity, with earthy overtones and a hint of vanilla and oak. Exceptional balance and structure. A great wine.

Montes Folly 2000 Apalta Valley $ 650.00
Montes Folly 2002 $ 627.50
Montes Folly 2003 $ 550.00
Raved about by Epicurean press. A rare, 100% Syrah wine grown on the highest slopes of the Andes. Smooth, silky, sublime.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Founders Collection 2002 Maipo Valley $ 232.50
Full bodied with excellent balance and structure. Velvety fruit flavors with a rich aroma and long smooth finish.

Montes Alpha Syrah 2004 Colchagua Valley $ 225.00
Fast achieving a cult status, this wine is renowned for its smoothness, finesse, and well-knit layers of fruit with a hint of oak.

Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignons 2003 Curico Valley $ 217.50
Medium bodied with a lively blend of flavors such as blackcurrants, raspberries and ripe cherries with a touch of oak.

Merlot - Single Vineyard - Reserve – Valdivieso
2004 Curico Valley $ 212.50
Full bodied with great structure. Ripe plummy fruits with dark chocolate, sweet oak spices and hints of blackberries, peppers & violets.

Pinot Noir Reserve – Valdivieso 2002 Central Valley $ 170.00
Light in style with good depth in flavor. Lots of fruity taste with a well developed strawberry scented aroma.


Malbec Reserva – Broquel - Trapiche
2003 Mendoza $ 192.50
Purple red in color with ruby hues. Intense jam like black fruit flavors. A spiced aroma with touches of smoke, and hints of chocolate & vanilla.

Merlot – Santa Ana 2004 Mendoza $ 160.00
Elegant wine, with a smooth finish. Nice concentration of soft flavors, blackberries, and ripe damsons, with a touch of oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Santa Ana 2004 Mendoza $ 160.00
Medium bodied, with good structure and a smooth finish. Bursting with aromas and flavors of blackcurrants & blackberries.


Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon - Wolf Blass
2004 Southern Australia $ 217.50
Highly regarded Cabernet which is soft in nature with a full flavor, great structure & complexity with a hint of oak.

Merlot - Rosemont Estate 2000 Southern Australia $ 197.50
Award winning Merlot. Dry, yet typically soft, full flavored, rich tasting wine. With hints of ripe plums, blackberry & oak.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Shiraz 2003 South Eastern Australia $ 207.50
Sophisticated in style with a medium to full bodied structure. Typical peppery shiraz & cabernet berry fruit flavors with subtle spicy oaky overtones.

Nottage Hill Shiraz - Hardy’s 2004 Southern Australia $ 196.00
Spicy, rich & smooth with structured fruit flavors of plums & berries with a subtle hint of oak.

New Zealand

Pinot Noir – Matua 2004 Marlborough $ 230.00
Medium bodied, elegant in character. Aromatic, fruity with suave flavors of cherry, spice and hints of toffee, tobacco and French oak on the nose.

Wines of South Africa

Kadette – Kanonkop 2004 Stellenbosch $ 192.00
Full bodied & dry, with concentrated berry, banana and cherry fruit flavors. Elegant, blend of Pinotage, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinotage – Robertson Winery 2003 Cape Region $ 175.00
Full bodied and fruity with a pungent perfume, dry after taste, and flavors of sweet plums, raspberries and ripe berries, with a long smooth finish.

Roodeberg – KWV 2002 Cape Region $ 160.00
Very dry, medium bodied with fresh vibrant layers of summer berry fruit flavors, hints of chocolate and vanilla oak,

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