Rose Wine

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Sancerre Les Baronnes Rose – “Henri Bourgeois”
2004 France / Loir Valley $ 295.00
Aromatic, smooth and dry to medium, with great balance and wonderful rich summer fruit flavors of gooseberries and peaches.

Montes Cherub – Montes 2006 Chile / Colchagua Valley $ 182.50
Excellent, unusual, 100% rose of Syrah. Lovely aromas of roses and cherries supported by crisp layers of soft fruit, with a long smooth finish.

Cotes de Provence – Pere Anselme 2005 France / Cotes de Provence $ 160.00
Perfumed aroma, dry to medium, light and fruity in style with a summery bright character.

Carta Vieja Rose 2005 Chili $ 150.00
Medium dry with a relaxed nature and flavors of strawberries, peaches and ripe cantaloupe melons

Dessert Wine

Chateau D’Yquem
– (75cl) 1994 $ 4,000.00
– (37.5cl) 1998 $ 2,850.00
– (37.5cl) 2002 $ 2,275.00
A great wine of incomparable class & finesse, with layers of flavor and aroma such as peach, pineapple, coconut, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Passione – Casal Pilozzo - (37.5cl) 2001 Italy / Lazio $ 255.00
Very rare, limited production wine. Golden in color, aromatic, syrupy, full bodied, with intense flavors of honey, melons & caramel toffee.

Fantinel Verduzzo – Borgo Tesis - (75cl) 2004 Italy / Colio $ 165.00
Medium bodied, sweat, dessert wine with luscious flavors of ripe sultanas, honeydew melon, pears & plums, with a smooth finish.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Cristal Rose – Louis Roederer 1990 France / Champagne $ 2,722.50
A wine to cherish. Like the first rays of the morning sun, it warms your heart, nourishes your sole, and challenges you to live life to the full.

Cristal - Louis Roederer 1999 France / Champagne $1,760.00
Elegant structure, great finesse, opulent character. A truly great champagne which was the favorite of the Russian Tsar’s.

Krug Vintage Brut 1990 France / Champagne $1,622.50
The conisures choice. Exceptionally rich in style with unsurpassed elegance, great balance, structure and finesse.

La Grand Annee Vintage Rose – Bollinger 1999 France / Champagne $1,500.00
A hard to come by great Champagne. Delivers an exquisite harmony of aromatic flavors and aromas with stunning complexity and great style.

Krug Grande Cuvee Brut NV France / Champagne $1,450.00
Sets the standard for others Cuvee’s to follow. Rich and opulent in style with incomparable elegance, structure and finesse.

Dom Perignon 1998 France / Champagne $1,325.00
Rich buttery flavors with hints of peaches, cashews & dried herbs, exceptional balance and a fizz that goes on forever.

Bollinger R.D. 1996 France / Champagne $1,250.00
R.D. stands for recently disgorged, and is only produced in limited quantity in exceptional vintages. A rare Champagne with a “cult” status.

La Grand Annee – Bollinger 1997 France / Champagne $1,100.00
Elegant and refined in character, stylish & racy in nature with rich smooth layers of flavor. Everything one would expect from a great champagne.

Pol Roger Vintage Rose – Cuvee De Reserve 1998 France / Champagne $ 925.00
Rich & sophisticated in style with a foaming moose, jewel like bubbles, and a delicate balance of summer and berry fruit flavors and aromas.

Pol Roger Vintage Brut 1998 France / Champagne $ 825.00
The favorite champagne of Winston Churchill. Impeccable in style, generous in nature. Pale, dry with a smooth finish.

Billecrat-Salmon Brut Rose NV France / Champagne $ 795.00
1⁄2 Bottle $ 465.00
Finely balanced with exquisit, delicate, fruit flavors. Rose pink, with a fragrant toasty aroma & bubbles that lasts for ever.

Laurent Perrier Vintage Brut 1995 France / Champagne $ 795.00
Rich, dry with a long finish. Great balance, and an abundance of rich flavors, with hints of wet hay, toasted hazelnuts and dried apricots.

Pol Roger Brut NV France / Champagne $ 710.00
Finely balanced layers of rich flavor with hints of hay, honey and gooseberries. Pale, dry with impeccable style and a smooth finish.

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV France / Champagne $ 725.00
1⁄2 Bottle $ 400.00
The choice of James Bond 007. Racy in nature with a lively fizz. Always excellent, always dependable. Straw gold in color with a rich flavors.

Taittinger - Prestige Rose NV France / Champagne $ 725.00
Salmon pink in color with a snow white mouse. Good balanced of refined fruit flavors with light lingering floral aromas.

Veuve Cliquot – Rose NV France / Champagne $ 700.00
Excellent quality pink Champagne with a delicate floral aroma, lots of rich fruit flavors, long finish, and bubbles that last and last.

Louis Roederer Brut NV France / Champagne $ 675.00 1⁄2 Bottle $ 345.00
Elegant & rich in style with an exceptional balance of flavors. Rich hints of toasted hazelnuts marry perfectly with accents of fresh dried herbs.

Billecrat-Salmon Brut NV France / Champagne $ 600.00
Finely balanced with exquisit, delicate, fruit flavors. Dry biscuity aroma, with excellent structure & bubbles that lasts for ever.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut NV France / Champagne $ 500.00
Stylish and smooth with a casual elegance and long lasting bubbles. Dry in style, with a good balance of fruit flavors and acidity.

Prosecco Brut – Loredan Gasparini NV Italy $ 255.00

Excellent, dry, smooth drinking wine, with bags of rich summer fruit flavors and loads of fizz

Valdivieso Champana Grand Brut NV Chile $ 225.00
Dry in character, golden in color, rich in taste, with hints of peaches and wild berries. One of Chile’s best.

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