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The Wines of France

Chablis Grand Cru – Grenouille – William Fevre
2001 Burgundy / Chablis $ 715.00
Dry, aromatic, with rich complex layers of flavor, great balance, a long and satisfying finish, and an elegant racy nature.

Meursault – Jaffelin 2000 Burgundy / Cote de Beaune $ 555.50
Dry, with a delicious nutty, buttery, spicy quality which harmonizes perfectly with the rich flavor of Chardonnay.

Puligney Montrachet – Louis Latour 2002 Burgundy / Cote de Beaune $ 475.00
Dry with a glorious expensive character. Creamy floral aromas with honeyed fruit flavors & nutty overtones.

Chablis Premier Cru – Moreau & Fils
2004 Burgundy / Chablis $ 305.00
Medium to full bodied with a spicy complexity, intense fruit flavors, a delicate finesse & long smooth finish.

Pouilly Fuisse’ – Moreau & Fils 2004 Burgundy / Maconnaise $ 278.50
Rich and succulent with a slight hint of oak. Classically dry, fruity and well balanced.

Montagny Grand Vin – Jaffelin 2001 Burgundy / Cote de Beaune $ 282.50
Excellent medium bodied, dry, Chardonnay wine with accents of hazelnuts, ferns and a touch of spice.

Saint Veran – Jaffelin 2001 Burgundy / Maconnaise $ 257.50
Dry, medium bodied Chardonnay wine with excellent structure and balance. Fresh tasting and fruity.

Chablis – Domain – William Fevre 2004 France / Burgundy / Chablis $ 260.00
Highly regarded wine with a fresh, refined, rich character, complex layers of flavor, good balance, and a long smooth finish.

Bourgogne Aligote – Louis Latour 2004 Burgundy / Cote Chalonnaise $ 183.50
Smooth, dry, medium bodied, with rich summer fruit flavors of gooseberries, damsons and fresh cut hay.

Sirius – P.A.Sichel 2001 Bordeaux AOC $ 172.50
A regular award winner, it is characterized by its complexity, length, elegance and well layered flavors.

Condrieu – E. Guigal 2004 Northern Rhone $ 515.00
Dry with an exotic perfumed aroma, excellent structure and balance and cooling damson and apricot overtones.

Hermitage – E.Guigal 2001 Northern Rhone $ 430.00
Dry and full-bodied with a rich rounded structure. Accents of straw, hazelnuts and dried apricots.

Viognier – Georges Duboeuf 2001 Rhone / L’Ardeche $ 189.50
Medium bodied, dry with a slightly floral aroma. Good structure with summery tones of damsons, apricots & honey.

Sancerre “Les Baronnes” – Henri Bourgeois 2004 Loir Valley / Central Vineyards $ 282.50
Dry, smooth, with great balance and wonderful rich summer fruit flavors of gooseberries and peaches.

Pouilly Fume – Moreau & Fils 2003 Loir Valley / Central Vineyards $ 237.50
Crisp and dry in character with excellent balance and finesse & subtle flavors of gooseberry, cantaloupe melons and hay

Muscadet Sur Lie – Chateau du Chasseloir 2003 Southern Loir Valley $ 182.50
Bone dry and elegant with a delightful “sur lie” freshness. Well balanced fruit flavors with hints of hay and honey.

Vouvray – Barton & Guestier 2003 Loir Valley $ 197.50
Medium wine, with great balance and character. Luscious concentrations of fruit flavors with a crisp fruity finish.

Chateau de Riquewihr Gewurztraminer – Dopff & Irion
2003 Alsace $ 272.50
Floral aromas give way to layers of autumn fruit flavor, with hints of pear and damson with flashes of pepper and spice.

The Wines of Italy

Fantinel Chardonnay Cru - Vigneti St Helena 2001 Collio $ 237.50
Elegant, dry, well balanced with a touch of honey and lots of fruit tastes, apples and gooseberries to name but a few.

Fantinel Sauvignon Cru – Vigneti St Helena 2003 Collio $ 237.50
Dry with great balance. Soft and velvety in nature with mellow fruit aromas and tastes of bananas and melons.

Fantinel Pinot Grigio Cru – Vigneti St Helena 2004 Collio $ 237.50
Sophisticated in style with great balance. Velvety rich layers of dry summer fruit flavors with a crisp lingering finish.

Pinot Grigio – Tommasi 2005 Piedmont $ 207.50
Smooth & dry in character with excellent balance and lots of fresh summer fruit flavors.

Soave – Tommasi 2002 Veneto $ 185.00
Smooth & dry in Character with rich and ripe flavors and hints of exotic fruits, with a touch of vanilla and oak.

Frascati Superiore – Zonin 2004 Roma $ 198.00
Clean & fresh tasting with a bit of zip! A full flavored dry wine with a lively fruity character and smooth clean finish.

Orvieto Classico – Ruffino 2004 Roma $ 178.50
Dry with a stylish character and a great combination of elegance, concentration and youthful succulence.

Galestro “Griffe” – Ruffino 2003 Toscana $ 184.50
Dry, medium bodied wine with light fruity flavors and a bright sunny character.

Gavi – Batasiolo 2002 Piedmont $ 177.50
Fashionable and sophisticated in style with a smooth dry finish. Good structure with hints of honey and pears.

Moscato d’Asti – Vallebelbo
NV Piedmont $ 225.00
Medium to sweat wine. Ever so slightly frizzantino with luscious ripe flavors of pears, apples and dried currants.


Milmanda – Torres Family Vineyard 2002 Penedes $ 345.00
A superlative limited edition Chardonnay wine with a dry fruity character, exceptional structure and finesse, and a hint of oak and vanilla.

Fransola – Torres 2002 Penedes $ 220.00
Top class Sauvignon Blanc with an excellent balance of fruity Aromas and flavors with hints of green coffee beans, hazelnut and oak.

Rioja – Antena 2003 Rioja $ 195.00
Dry, with a powerful and complex nose and wonderful oaky complexity. Rich Fruit flavors & a smooth lingering finish.


Riesling – Hochgewachs – Weingut Lorch 2004 Bergzaberner Altenberg / Pfalz $ 220.00
Crisp and tart with a dry to medium finish. Aromas of honey and green melons give way to smooth fruit flavors of damson, apricots and gooseberries.

Riesling – Trocken / Qualitatswein - Weingut Lorch
2004 Bergzabern / Pfalz $ 192.50
Smooth with a crisp full finish. Ripe fruit flavors, floral aromas with a wonderful lingering after taste of mountain honey.

The Wines of California

Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay 2004 California / Napa Valley $ 245.00
Medium to full bodied with excellent structure & balance. Delightful buttery vanilla flavors with a smooth finish.

Beringer Founders Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2004 California / Sonoma & Napa Valley $ 190.00
Medium bodied, rich & complex. A perfumed aroma with oaky overtones, hints of melons & figs and a clean crisp finish.

Fume Blanc - Benziger 2004 California / North Coast $ 170.00
Crisp & dry with a well rounded elegance. Enticing layers of melon, pear, and spice with hints of lemon grass.

Gallo Chardonnay 2004 California / Modesto $ 160.00
A dry, medium bodied, smooth drinking, 100% Chardonnay wine, which good balance and a fruity character.
Wines of Chili

Amelia Chardonnay 2004 Casablanca Valley $ 327.50
Highly regarded, dry wine with a bright sunny character. Full of rich flavors, with hints of lemons, straw and Andean honey.

Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2004 Casablanca Valley $ 209.00
A rich and fruity aroma gives way to dry smooth layers of succulent fruit with hints of honey and citrus and a long velvety finish.

Valdivieso Viognier 2003 Maule valley $ 188.00
Well balanced with a ripe, dry, crisp character. Layers of fruit flavors with apricots, spring flowers, and hints of vanilla & spice with a touch of oak.

Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc 2005 Casablanca valley $ 160.00
A dry, medium to full bodied, smooth drinking white wine with a lively character.


Broquel Chardonnay – Trapiche 2004 Mendoza $ 185.00
Dry, medium bodied wine with exceptional finesse. Good balance of fruit flavors with a long smooth finish.

Australia & Tasmania

Rosemont Sauvignon Blanc 2002 South Eastern Australia $ 195.00
Dry and fresh with lush finely balanced flavors of tropical fruits & gooseberries, with a crisp clean finish.

Penfolds Thomas Hyland Chardonnay
2005 South Eastern Australia $ 232.50
Full bodied & dry with rich melon & peach flavors. Well structured and smooth with a subtle hint of oak.

Mad Fish Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2005 Western Australia $ 192.00
Elegant character with a smooth crisp finish. Rich tropical fruit flavors with a touch of vanilla, spice and fresh grass.

Wellington Chardonnay 2003 Tasmania $ 312.50
Intense, yet elegant fruit flavors with great balance and length on the palate.

Wellington Sauvignon Blanc 2005 Tasmania $ 252.50
Crisp and dry with fruity floral aromas and flavors, with a flinty finish.

New Zealand

Villa Maria – Gold Label – Sauvignon Blanc 2004 Marlborough $ 245.00
Highly regarded wine with ripe tropical fruit aromas and flavors, hints of gooseberry, and a long zesty finish,

Nobilo Fall Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
2005 Marlborough $ 217.50
Bursting with fresh fruity flavors, this is a medium dry, medium bodied wine with an attractive clean crisp finish.

Nobilo Fall Harvest Chardonnay 2002 Gisborne $ 218.50
Full bodied & dry. Rich and refreshing with a pungent aroma and well developed layers of ripe summer fruit flavors.

Villa Maria – Private Bin – Chardonnay
2002 Marlborough $ 220.00
Highly regarded, well balanced wine with a full flavor, racy hints of citrus, and subtle oak overtones.

South Africa

Sauvignon Blanc – Simonsig 2005 Stellenbosch $ 197.50
Bone dry with soft tropical fruit flavors, great balance and a crisp minerally raciness on the finish.

Sauvignon Blanc – Retreat – Robertson Winery
2005 Stellenbosch $ 197.50
A wine of distinct character. Layers of tropical fruit flavor are complemented by aromas of ripe granadilla, pineapple and melons with hints of flint.

Chenin Blanc – Robertson Winery 2004 Stellenbosch $ 160.00
Intense perfume of hay, with radiant flavors of pears, apples & a touch of honey. Refreshing with a gentle acidity.

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